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Transformation.FM Channels

TransformationRadio.FM was founded by Dr. Pat Baccili host of The Dr. Pat Show. Dr. Pat created this network to give voice to the amazing and inspiring people of the world who share her vision of creating a better world through positive, uplifting, and inspiring messages.

"Together we will change the face of media and talk radio and bring hope, love, and light back into our lives." - Dr. Pat Baccili

Transformation Talk Radio

Transformation Talk Radio, the original channel of TransformationRadio.fm founded in 2010. Transforming the world one listener at a time.

Epic Women Radio

Epic Women Radio was designed to highlight the world's most amazing women. Shows hosted by women for women. Topics range from relationships to womens' rights and more.

Health and Wellness

Having a channel completely dedicated to health and wellness was very important to Dr. Pat and our listeners. People want to know how to live their best life and they can learn how to do that through better health and wellbeing here.

God Talk Radio

God Talk Radio is a spiritual channel where all religions and beliefs are welcome. There is a show here for everyone. Tune in when you need a dose of faith or spirituality. This channel was designed to bring light into your heart.

Psychic Radio

Don't you wish you could just know why something has happend so you can prepare for the future? Or maybe you'd like to reconnect with a loved one who has passed, Psychic Talk Radio has the worlds experts who are ready to take your calls.

Conscious Business

Find out how to grow your business, how to start a new business, how to thrive as a small business. Learn what is happening in the world of business. Discover best business practices and business ethics.

Soulmate Radio

Soulmate radio is about relationships. Find out how to deal with a crazy ex or how to spot the person that is right for you. Maybe your best friend and you are growing apart, you can find information and advice here about all of your relationships and become inspired to live present in the moment and take in things as they come.

Cosmos Talk Radio

The world of the unknown paranormal activity.Stories about UFOs, and ghosts. Learn about astrology and the universe. This channel is for the people in the world who ask, what else is there?

Epic Music Radio

Epic Music Radio was created to highlight some of the most amazing independent musicians in the world. This channel will give musicians a place to highlight their work in a venue where the word EPIC can apply every genre out there.

The Dr. Pat Show

The Dr. Pat Show continues to inspire and educate people everyday. Dr. Pat brings on the world's most influential guests and speakers all with the same goal of helping you live life full out.

Green Talk Radio

Become educated about what is happening with our planet. Learn to live a green life, discover new green products that will not only improve the planet but improve your health as well.

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Kris Steinnes
Fear and Anxiety Solution - Dr. Friedemann Schaub
The Kelly Ballard Show - Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond
The Truth is Funny - Colette Marie Stefan
Wendy R. Wolf
Stellar Reflections - Christine Upchurch
The Kelly Ballard Show - Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond